5 dating tips for men

– Women can be just as visual as men on a first date. A woman will think, “If he can’t take care of himself, how is he going to take care of me? Finally, if you haven’t changed your cologne in years, consider getting a great smelling scent.

The same goes for when talking on a date, make sure you’re attentive to your date by asking questions to keep them engaged with the conversation. Share yourself Did your date feel like an open book?

The ability to put yourself ‘out there’ not only shows you feel at ease with your date but also sets you in a good light.

If your date shared personal stories and asked in-depth questions, then you can be (95%) sure they’re interested in you and that the date went well.

If you’re an open person, then judging your date’s reactions can tell a lot about how they felt the date went.

Don’t oversell yourself Being humble and modest is an undervalued characteristic when it comes to dating.