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However, the sender must mark the outside of the mailpiece, identifying the specific subsection under which the exemption is claimed (e.g., “22 CFR 125.4…APPLICABLE,” if 22 CFR § 125.4 is the citation for the relevant exemption). government agency do not require an individual license from the Department of State so long as all requirements of 22 CFR §126.4 can be met.

Technical data exemptions under Mailers are advised to check the current version of 22 CFR § 126.1 of the ITAR for an updated list before mailing, as the list is subject to change. The sender must mark the mailpiece with the applicable subsection of §126.4 (e.g., “22 CFR 126.4(a) APPLICABLE”).

They also tend to have positive views of their relationships.

Often they report greater satisfaction and adjustment in their relationships than people with other attachment styles.

I don't worry about being alone or others not accepting me." This style of attachment usually results from a history of warm and responsive interactions with their attachments.