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If you've just signed up to our community and aren't quite sure how it all works yet, please read the below: What is Buzz Buzz Home's Chat? Well, that's that - now come join the conversation! We've seen it in the new-build market, with advertisementsof big-lipped ladies, and sexy videos, but I have only seen it a handful of times in the re-sale market. Here is an incredible ad for a website in Spain that deals in rentals: Ubv_u3Ei K0The idea: stop living in your parents house and having to make out in cars when you could lease your own flat. First you should know that many agents refer to a saleable, highly attractive resale house as "a sexy house".

Chat is a fun and informative place, intended for open and honest discussions about real estate, land development, condos, townhomes and houses. On MLS, I see thousands and thousands of listings, with the same old-boring copy. That's pretty much where it ends in the resale market.

While the videos posted have been hilarious to watch on a Monday morning they didn't really make me want that house any more.

@Josie Stern, I see your point about responsibility and the realities of owning properties, but that doesn't mean that all the language used should be so boring. On the other hand, I can definitely see how marketing a new condo with sex can be effective as you have many young, single professionals moving into many of these units.

Having a condo that might get you laid might be viewed by some of these people as a big boner... I definitely agree with @Matthew Slutsky that we should work on having better write ups for our properties that sound more enticing then just listing a bunch of specs.

If you are addicted to pornography or have any other addiction, please seek professional medical help.

Im not here to tell you God will make a way for you to stop masturbating in front of your computer monitor.

Bad behavior makes Chat less fun for everyone, so let's avoid the following: Spamming Threats Insulting others Trolling Off-topic posts Okay. So what happens if you engage in any of these bad behaviors?