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A dramatic rise in the number of people being targeted by a relatively new crime known as 'sextortion' has seen thousands of British victims' lives turned upside down.Four men have already killed themselves in the UK after becoming victims, with many of those being targeted children.This meant I could not meet up with friends and had no social life.

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I paid them some more."I didn't go to the police straight away, I was too embarrassed.

I was just a real mess and wanted to shut myself away, die in a corner somewhere, but after a day or so I went to the police station ."Even now I have trouble going on to the internet and I can't use Facebook any more.

Perpetrators then threaten to send recorded videos of the acts to the victim's family or friends unless they hand over money.

Investigators in the UK say many victims are being targeted by organised criminal gangs from overseas – including in the Philippines, Ivory Coast and Morocco – making it much more difficult to stop.

New figures from the National Crime Agency (NCA) show there have been 864 reported cases in the UK so far this year, more than double the figure for the whole of 2015. Victims who reported crimes this year were aged between 14 and 82, with the highest proportion being men in their 20s. But officers warned there is significant under-reporting of the issue due to victims feeling "ashamed or embarrassed", and that the actual number of sextortion cases is likely to be in the thousands.