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Profiles can contain info about who you would like to meet, your buy-and-sell ads, etc.If BEDD finds that a profile in range has information matching your profile, it alerts you.If it hears it, the device sends its address and timing info to the master. When the master is satisfied that it has identified all the devices in its range it starts to form the piconet.

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Mobile chat slaves

The difference of 16 km/h equates to approximately 4.5 m/s.

After coming into range, Vehicle B would need to travel 200m more than Vehicle A for it to exceed the Bluetooth range.

An ad-hoc network is one that consists of independent wireless nodes that have the ability to dynamically form connections with each other to create a network.

An ad-hoc network does not require any central infrastructure and it can grow, shrink and fragment without having to make any requests or reports to a central authority.

Each channel is occupied for 0.625ms, called a slot and the slots are number sequentially.