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Whether she can take her daughters (ditzy wannabe-model Pascalle and the cunning Loretta) and sons (yin and yang twins Van and Jethro) with her is another matter altogether. This animated hit follows the adventures of five kids growing up in the Auckland suburb of Morningside.The show's fearless, un-PC wit was developed from the poly-saturated comedy of theatre group Naked Samoans.With her mother on an archaeological dig in Malaysia, Melody (Belinda Todd) is babysitting her brother and sister and counting down to a much anticipated holiday of her own.

How we worked in teams and who rose as leaders (and with what communication style) emerged in this exercise while the employers watched. We ended with a question and answer session, and the employers thanked us and outlined a timeline for the next steps.

It was a well-organised evening and gave good insight into the employers and a clear sense of the culture of the organisation. They were doing great work and I loved the vision of their new projects, I just wasn’t sure I would work well with the main organiser.

My job application had been successful and they had narrowed applicants down to 12 from more than 100 applicants. I would need to prepare some sort of activity for everyone. * Give me the job, 'I'm awesome'* The nervous gesticulator* Interview nightmares: The spitter Gulp. But still, it was awkward - meeting the 11 other people you are up against for a job. Over the next 24 hours I came up with many reasons why I shouldn’t go to the group interview. I remember being surprised that all 12 of us showed up. Right on time, we were all ushered to chairs placed in a circle in the middle of the hall. Next, we were teamed up with another job applicant.

Would I care to join them for a group job interview? READ MORE:* Job interview horrors: At least they got my name right... I enjoy public speaking, and giving workshops is one of my favourite things to do, so I was sure I could handle a group interview. Arriving in the thick of Auckland’s rush hour traffic, we were greeted by the employers and their volunteers at the door. Groups of us gathered to introduce ourselves and chat.

satire (a world's biggest bonsai trees scam); Petra meets Meatloaf, Jon meets US brothers boy band Hanson, visits a 'storm-namer', and they both go on Outward Bound; Nathan road tests Elvis's diet (peanut butter and bacon in bread, deep fried); and the trio go to the zoo and gym to discover why humans are the "sexiest primates alive".