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PLDT/Smart and Globe have both confirmed receipt of the NTC memo, and said they intend to comply with it, reported Interaksyon.

According to NTC deputy commissioner Edgardo Cabarrios, the list, which was sent to all ISPs last December, came from the Philippine National Police.

Back in 2014, the National Telecommunications Commission of the Philippines issued a memorandum to local internet service providers, ordering them to block access to pornographic websites in light of R. Philippine tech news website Yuga Tech conducted an investigation regarding why legitimate adult websites were marked blocked due to child pornography.

Some of their findings were: It is still not known how wide the ban is.

The memorandum was supposed to be enacted within 120 days from the submission of a list of these solutions to the (IACACP), in accordance with both the Republic Act (RA) 9775 and RA 7925 or the Public Telecom Policy Act of 1995, and Executive Order No.