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So now that I´ve eased you into this, do you guys want MORE green? Isn´t green the color you get rid of in visual effects? To me, the banality of the action is what makes this funny.

I therefore went for the most straightforward lighting of the shop interior.

We didn´t want the jungle to feel dark and creepy, so the whole trick of these was to find the right balance between the light from the fire and the moonlight.

The transition from one to the other on the layers of foliage was fun to paint. I guess there being a lot of green in nature (depending on where you live), we are really sensitive to it.

I found myself thinking about lighting in a more cinematographic way, closer to live action, while staying within a cartoony style set by the previous Madagascar films. A word of caution though, there may be some spoilers below, although nothing that won´t let you fully enjoy the movie. I also wanted to push the contrast by having bright snow next to very dark water.