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Proponents of social networking sites say that the online communities promote increased interaction with friends and family; offer teachers, librarians, and students valuable access to educational support and materials; facilitate social and political change; and disseminate useful information rapidly.Opponents of social networking say that the sites prevent face-to-face communication; waste time on frivolous activity; alter children’s brains and behavior making them more prone to ADHD; expose users to predators like pedophiles and burglars; and spread false and potentially dangerous information.The discussion of the video conferencing has been an ongoing conversation.

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In order to video conference with multiple people it typically requires a fee.

People are less likely to pay for this service when they can conference at no additional charge.

Keep in mind that there are laws about what you use when creating video.

Use your critical thinking when allowing contact from others in You Tube in your real life. This is especially true if it is any kind of advertising, training or marketing. No matter what the video is like, if the sound is good, people will listen. This can cause for the viewers to completely avoid all videos you make. As stated above, the pros really do outweigh the cons.

Big Blue Button is another video conferencing software.