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Audio-only or group video calls aren't yet possible, there's no web or desktop client, no multi-device support, and no way to share what's on your screen for example instead of what you see with your cameras.

But even though these seemed like deal-breakers to me when the app was announced, after using it for a few days, I'd argue that they're secondary features to what Duo is trying to be: an instantaneous way for you to get in touch with someone else as if you were near them.

And it can also be disabled, but keep in mind that if you turn it off, you won't send your stream to your contacts but you also won't get theirs when they call, regardless of whether or not they have it enabled or disabled.

Back to the main interface, once you tap on Once the call launches, like any video calling service, your front camera view switches to a small window and the rest of your screen is overtaken by your recipient's stream.

Not because I to see them while I chat with them, but because the simplicity is there and it's enough to make me think twice before opening either app.

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