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The approaching date of the deal’s closing seems to be spurring some firings at the company apparently in an effort to save some cash.

Executives being sacrificed on the altar include Vice Presidents David Gurle, Christopher Dean, Russ Shaw and Don Albert in addition to Chief Marketing Officer Doug Bewsher and head of human resources Anne Gillespie.

Two additional lambs led to the slaughter include Ramu Sunkara and Allyson Campa which joined Skype as a result of its purchase of Qik announced in January of this year.

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A Web-based version of Skype could be useful for anyone who needs to quickly make a voice or video call from a borrowed PC, a new one fresh out of the box, or any other computer that doesn’t have the full Skype software already installed and doesn’t want to take the time go through the download and installation process.

Essentially, this release should appeal to anyone who uses the service on even a casual basis.

However, neither voice nor video calling options are available in this browser. If you try to call a Surface RT with Skype for Web running in its version of Internet Explorer, you won’t even be notified that someone is trying to call you. Native Skype clients are, of course, available for all of these versions of Windows.

However, if you want to avoid the hassle of installing software and then dealing with periodic downloads for updates, a Web-based Skype solution is very appealing.

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