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A wise Nigerian elder, Chinua Achebe reminds us that, In thinking about a list of demands, many African voices have, since, KONYGATE, reinforced the need for “African solutions to African problems”, but who is listening?

I heard back from many others who were disappointed or furious.

Many people, too many to count, called me a racist. The Atlantic writer who’d reproduced them, while agreeing with my broader points, described the language in which they were expressed as “resentment.” The Cole tweets, certainly touched a raw nerve for me.

Perhaps, the major Based on the overwhelming images of Africa and African children we are bombarded with, it would appear, that when development professionals look at Africa, they see famine, disease, death and poverty.

When ; that there is no will to END POVERTY in Africa.

Above is a picture of an American NGO – non-profit 501c3 – pimping African Children.