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Today’s myth is that Black women only like aggressive men. Applying the term to men – Aggressive men oftentimes do not respect boundaries or communicate well, and can make you feel fearful that one day they will snap and start throwing dishes a la Johnny Depp caught on hidden camera style.

*Strokes chin* says the word aggressive means pursuing one’s aims and interests forcefully, sometimes unduly so.

Be ready that random stranger will try to encourage you to have a sex and produce a couple of mixed babies just because the worldneeds to be full ofvariety. People will stare at you Secret glances on the street had been okay since many people tend to do like this, however, being stared at, is not okay at all. Unfortunately, in most of the cases, this attention is full of negatives.

4.“Chocolate jokes” Since you will start going out with a Black lady, be ready to hear many comments about food while comparing to your girl’s skin.

Right after being in a relationship with Black girl, you will become a part of huge community worldwide.