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More' I See Infinite Distance Between Any Point and Another'.

UK, 2012, 33 minutes 32 seconds Colour, Sound (stereo), HD Video .a poetic and poignant new work centred on the renowned Lebanese-Greek poet, painter and philosopher, Etel Adnan, one of the most important contemporary figures in Middle Eastern literature.

The Otolith Group's first solo exhibition in the Netherlands configures moments from the grand project of mid-twentieth century Pan-Africanism.

Envisaged as the total liberation of the African continent from Europe's empires, the project focuses on a micro artifact, namely the postal stamp, issued to commemorate the independence of African nation-states.

By bringing the telecommunicating couplings of mother-father-daughter-son-machines and boyfriend-girlfriend-units into contact with the conductive imagery of liquid crystallization, Anathema proposes itself as a prototype for a counter-spell assembled from the possible worlds of capitalist sorcery.