Dating fender amps chassis

His info (he rightly didn't include details of the amps' owners) still represents about a sixth of my database.

As of September 2016 I've got info on over 1700 amps.

Compared to my estimate of the total made, that's around than one in forty.

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Could Fender make so many PRIIs, considering they were making another 13 amp types in the range at the same time?

Then Soren in Denmark started showing serial numbers on his excellent Super Champ website, recently gone off the web - some of those numbers fell in between some of 'my' PRII numbers.

If the transformer was read from a silverface Vibro Champ we can deduce it was made in 1974 – almost…

Remember that this is when the transformer was manufactured.

There are a handful of amp types for which I'm still running the searches because I have so little data (mainly in the solid-state range).