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In the area incorporating Val Cavallina, Val Calepio, Alto and Basso Sebino, the lakes are marked by more distinctive, geographical outlines, and the surrounding hills and peaks with their own particular environmental features contain within a wealth of historic and artistic heritage.The streets of Bergamo, surrounded by city walls and nestled on a hill, retain the look of a Medieval village, enclosed by its strong walls built by the Venetians in the 16th Century when the the most Serene Republic was at the height of its power; more than three centuries of prosperity and economic development have left their mark in the monuments, institutions and the character of its people.

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Tourism in the area, in fact, takes advantage of masterpieces, whether manmade or nature made, all amidst a pleasant climate and ancient history.

The Province of Bergamo is situated in the eastern Lombardy Region, occupying the central section of the Alpine foothills and a small expanse of the Po River Plain.

Elsewhere in Bergamo Province, the Medieval architecture alternates with more recent architecture of outstanding artistic value, such as the Church of San Tomè, a Romanesque jewel dedicated to Saint Almenno Bartolomeo; and the Church of Santa Barbara, that houses an important cycle of frescos by artists the likes of Lorenzo Lotto and Trescore Balneario.

The Castle of Cavernago is a powerful defensive structure, converted over the years into noble residences enlivened with frescoes.

The north of the Province is a mountainous region, connected to the south by land straddling the hills and the Po River Plain.