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He is considered to be the leader of all local chieftains.Due to the relatively large size of the Empire of Madagasikara, King Andres had overseen the institution of a two-part system where the Madagasikara League (which was created by Andres' father, Tiavina) would be organized into three types of "supernational divisions," and then each of these supernational divisions would be further divided into "subnational divisions." The Empire of Madagasikara, through the Madagasikara League, currently has Note: The way the census is listed here takes all former nations that once comprised a region into account.The site uses the latest technology in order to optimize the contact between members. Create your personal profile and contact millions of singles!

First, paganistic animism and spiritism was the primary religious system, but the arrival of the Mamluk Sultanate introduced Islam on a large-scale.

Finally, the arrival of the Christian Spaniards led to mainstream conversion to Christianity, which would go on to trigger the Madagasikaran Civil War.

Madagasikara was established in 1482 as the combination of Sanafah and Sakalava, triggering the Madagasikaran Civil War between King Andrés I and Emir Bakr III.

The war ended with the annexation of the Emirate of the Comoros and decline of Islam and animism in the Empire with the Treaty of Mahajanga with the King of Spain.

TEXT The military of Madagasikara is relatively advanced when compared to the militaries of other nations on the East Coast of Africa.