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I did my best to impress, and worked hard to engage the hot spots of my concrete jungle.Elevators were the best traps, thanks to the slow place that plagued every ride.

I gained a long-term stint in the famed Private Bank of what I considered to be the top financial firm in the world. The parade of good-looking guys that populated my floor gave me every incentive to blow a good portion of my paycheck on bags of Century 21 confectionary.

Forget earning a living, I suddenly became aware of the fact that I could very well gain a hot young guy, soaked in the drippings of his newly minted trust fund status.

The future Rockefellers needed to understand the fact that I existed, and I needed to benefit from their remarkable discovery.

I have always been able to move mountains whenever a daunting task presents itself, and this time was no exception.

The city was manufactured for socialites and sons of old money mascots.