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    Interestingly, on Friday the Daily Beast posted a wonderful commentary by Samantha Allen about the double standard in the way May to December relationships are covered in the media and in the general consciousness entitled Freaking Out about Age Gaps in Gay Relationships is Homophobic. Filed under: Commentary, In the News | Tagged: age difference, age disparate, age gap, couple, gay, gay marriage, glbt, intergenerational, LGBT, link, media, partnership, queer, relationship, stephen fry | Leave a comment » Today we have the third part in a guest commentary by Robert Riley.

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    People who have not enough good bacteria and too much bad bacteria have a weakened immune system.

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    Yes, there are a handful of dating sites that are for people with HIV or, in some cases, another sexually transmitted infection, like herpes or hepatitis.

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    He leaves after being asked to fire a fellow DJ and moves to WCCC in Hartford, Connecticut, where he befriends DJ Fred Norris.