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There were other factors that helped take down True. The initial investment was a little more than $50 million dollars so this would have been another huge success for our Founder/CEO, Herb Vest. When you have a chance to cash out at a huge profit, take it.

From always balancing credit card charge back rates to the rise of Facebook and therefore the loss of My Space as an advertising source. You never know what the next year or the next quarter will bring for you.

It took longer than that to unravel, but it seemed just as quickly as we had risen, we had fallen back to nothing. Much of what happened at True was external, but internally we had done nothing to protect ourselves in case we hit a speed bump.

We were moving at full throttle with full confidence in ourselves, our technology and our plan. The success of our marketing and site had hidden other problems that existed within our business model. We charged individuals an average of $55 a month for our services.

Then it went into steep decline but soldiered on through to 2013. I asked him what happened, and he weighed-in with this frank account.__ Ruben Buell: At the peak of our success I was managing over 10 million dollars a month in marketing spend.