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I had gotten a cat and decided to be a crazy cat lady and stop trying to meet the right guy for a while. Been together 2 yrs this month, moved in together a year ago. What if your employer (or a potential employer) or co-workers happened to find it?

You may suddenly be “outed”, and there could be repercussions.

Find a mate that appreciates your motto of short, sweet and to the point.

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Sometimes I feel fine but the bulk of the time I just feel numb. How can anyone like or love you, when you don’t like or love yourself? [Report This Post] “How can anyone like or love you, when you don’t like or love yourself?

I can’t just wish the pain away or sit out a few therapy sessions and have it magically go away. While I don’t have a “Santa’s Workshop”, I do make quite a lot of toys and give them away for Christmas. ” that’s a bit of a circular thing though, it could just as easily be people not liking or loving you for the same reasons that you don’t like or love yourself. Something out there you enjoy doing and are good at. Because the world is full of people telling us what we are doing wrong, and what we are doing poorly. That wears us down, because it becomes a tape we run in our heads that gets played every time something goes wrong. ” The answer becomes: “Yes as a matter of fact I can. ” It is one thing that is easier for autistics, because we can zone out on something and have fun just learning and exploring.

Because of all that I also have major depressive disorder(FML).

Because of the way that people treated me, because of the way people distance me from themselves and keep me at arms length, because of all the people that have only used me and mistreated me I also have antisocial personality disorder(FML again).

Have you tried dating someone who understands your disorder and accepts you for who you are? Have fun messaging, sharing photos and hooking up for a quickie.