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All but three of the 16 “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” couples broke up, and one of those couples, Charlie O'Connell and Sarah Brice, broke up but reconnected a year later.

That it happened on TV is what's different this season, and along with accusations that Jason conspired with producers and criticism of his hurtful decision, maybe Jason should get a little credit for demonstrating on television that “The Bachelor” experience usually isn't a fairy tale.

Despite that, the show has become one of ABC's best-performing reality series, and has produced multiple spinoffs like "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise." And though there's been plenty of seasons, the majority of contestants aren't with the winner they fell in love with over the course of a few months.

, he lost ex-fiancé Holly Durst to fellow contestant Blake Julian.

(Conspiracy theorists might argue that his emotions were about what he was doing or had been asked to do to Melissa, but that's how conspiracy theories work: every piece of evidence can be spun to support the theory.) If anything, that the ending was scripted by producers seems like a comforting alternative, as it serves as some explanation, reason, or excuse as to why Jason did an about-face on both Melissa and on his reputation as a good guy. He was totally devastated last season, so he knows what it's like to be on the dumped end of “The Bachelor.” And to hurt both women, even at different times, seems unlike him. After dumping Molly in New Zealand, he cried on the balcony of the house before proposing to Melissa.