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It is only another way of saying the same thing, to affirm that God is by his essence incapable of sin or suffering.

Because he is infinite God is absolutely and unchangeably good, without any limitation, any possibility of increase or decrease in goodness.

Freedom of choice, in a rational creature who is in an incho- ate and imperfect condition, allowing of error in the mind, and perversion of the will, in respect to desirable and eligible objects, sufficiently accounts for all the sin and moral evil in the uni- verse.

Sin consists in the choice of an inferior or apparent good, against the dictates of 1889.] HUMAN NATURE. Moral evil is a deordination in a rational nature which is essentially good, but misdirected and wandering from its due course.

Moreover, the mind and will are natur- ally inclined to seek that which is true and that which is good. The answer must be, because there is no force or law which compels rational creatures to sin.