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It failed principally because it was a tragic mismatch.Each had married the wrong person, unable to provide the other with even a fraction of what they thought they needed.At the boys’ boarding school, Ludgrove, every effort had been made to ensure that the most lurid headlines were kept out of sight.

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The root cause of bulimia is believed to be major trauma in early childhood, but the trigger is usually some sort of emotional stress in the present.

In Diana’s case that trigger was the loneliness and uncertainty she suffered when she moved after her engagement from a giggly, all-girl flat in Fulham to a suite of rooms at Buckingham Palace.

What was far worse was that she expected him to comfort her as she ricocheted from one terrifying emotional outburst to the next.

Some were played out on the front pages of the national newspapers.

He seemed to provide a focus for her anger; but he did care very much that she should be looked after.