Expat dating hanoi

We liked being back, but something just felt a bit off. Besides, we have no way of being able to get anything longer than a 30 or 60 day visa, and at a month per person, I would rather spend that on rent some place else.

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In 2009, I fell in love with Vietnam, and with Hanoi in particular. From our first foot steps on the uneven sidewalks, while looking both ways to see if a motorbike would be cruising by, while listening to the honking horns and breathing in the exhaust, it felt like home.

We traveled the country from south to north, we volunteered in Dong Ha, we lived like locals in Hanoi, we avoided the Old Quarter like the plague, we found our favorite restaurant, favorite beer garden, great fresh donuts, and drank coffee on small stools all over the city. We returned to our favorite street stall for In 2013, as we get closer to deciding where in Southeast Asia we want to hang our hats for a while, we wondered, is Vietnam still the way to go?

Cyclos, smart cars, taxicabs and millions of motorbikes own the city streets.

Getting around in Vietnam can sometimes be tricky, beginning with the crucial challenge of crossing busy roads during the perpetual rush-hour traffic.

There’s also a healthy nightlife scene, with lots of cool bars to hang out in and a few late-night clubs, though these tend to be limited to the big hotels.