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Eating organically and free of as much man-made pollutants as possible, will go a long way in eco friendly living.

Even using something as simple as cast iron pots and pans instead of Teflon/Melamine-coated utensils will aid the pubic in both their health and teaching them green living.

We don’t even market one way or the other but we’re like, "Hmm.

We seem to have equal women and men in equal ratio across the ages." The population of single and looking in the real world tends to be slightly more men than women, but it’s actually pretty close. But when you go on these sites, the ratios are really skewed.

Turn the thermostat down a few degrees in the winter and wear a sweater indoors instead of cranking the heat up.

In the summer, try to avoid using air conditioning units whenever possible; they emit harmful emissions from potentially dangerous chemicals.

Tinder’s latest ratio is like 2 to 1 men to women, because women are like, “This is gross, I don’t want to do this anymore” or “I don’t ever want to do this and I never started.” Or you’ll have something like on Ok Cupid where you’ll have a lot of older dudes and younger women.