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Putting together Before & After's to post on all of my social media platforms.

And out of all those apps, this one is my favorite so far. First of all I love that you have a choice to just go simple with the "beauty" button & it automatically retouches any photo you've chosen. was able to purchase the software to remove ads and now it's even more wonderful.

Then it's a quick shake of the phone to completely change the layout. You can create film strips or videos of your favorite photos then add music, change the run time, alter the transitions between photos, and edit the borders.

Also, if you're a selfie fan, you can use the beauty retouch features in the Single HD layout, which include a feature to smooth and whiten skin, the ability to remove blemishes, and random filter effects.

Not only can you easily create montages, scrapbook-style images and videos, the results look great.