Good dating manners

We can all agree that bad manners can be dealbreakers on first dates.

Here are a few examples of ones that plague me: When I go to fancy restaurants I'm confronted with a confusing array of forks and glasses.

You should also be polite to the other people you encounter on your date, including servers.

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I'm also guilty of grabbing the wrong water and wine glass at round tables. A friend noticed me eating pieces of bread when we were out to dinner without breaking it into smaller pieces first.

She pointed out my faux-pas but all I thought was, who wants to waste time doing that?

When I broke up with my last girlfriend I received a rather venomous email chastising me for all my personality flaws. One sentence I'll never forget had to do with her opinion about my manners.

When we were dating, this girlfriend used to think it was cute that I wrapped my whole hand around my fork (kinda like a cave man).

My only hope is to watch how other people use their utensils.