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To that end, it dominates all other Schema types used by the top 1 million sites which Similar Tech regularly monitors.Take note from these top performing brands and consider how adding the sitelinks search box could benefit your site! You’ve probably seen it before – this search bar appears under the top metadata when searching for branded terms, and allows you to search within the desired website from Google.

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Meanwhile, others claim the search will return possible results – but that tapping on any of these loads an empty screen.

Earlier this week Apple boss Tim Cook, 55, denied the tech giant was losing its edge after its share price fell for eight days in a row.

A number of other popular i OS apps, including Google, Spotify, Tumblr and Waze also no longer appear in the App Store search.

And searches for other hugely-popular apps, games and productivity tools will often return no results at all.

If so, you’re likely qualified to add the Search Action Schema on your website to draw search queries from Google’s results page onto your own.