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On Aug 21, 2015, at PM, Pavel Kirkovsky [email protected]: @ccoenen @c-o-l-d XMPP has support for user-editable v Cards which could be used to store proofs https:// Reply to this email directly or view it on Git Hub #518 (comment). To validate ownership of your XMPP : D @c-o-l-d no, not automatically. contract with published and audited source code that user's could send a transaction with a signed blob of data to it, which could then be independently verified by anyone running an ethereum node. I just learned something interesting. knows who you are and (depending on the nature of the hidden service) who you're talking to.

When someone puts in work and writes the actual code and then tests it and proposes it here, then it might. In reality, Keybase and Tor are two totally and completely opposite ideals.

Bitcoin addresses can now be added to Keybase by signing the Bitcoin public address with your PGP private key.

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Keybase could then easily verify that the proof is present at the given url.

Someone suggested elsewhere that it could be a short encrypted message, requiring the Keybase user to unlock the private PGP key before creating the proof, ensuring that nobody could paste someone else's publicly available info and verify against Keybase.

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I added a page, pasted the text into it in the HTML mode, then added a redirection to it ( ) on the address It's a "typical" light social network blog platform. I was logged into the wrong account) Savannah Host for open source projects, including source code, bugs/tickets, documentation, etc. user_id=71150 There are a number of forum softwares not currently represented on this list that have very large install and user bases.

Convenient, perhaps, but I feel that it defeats a lot of the purpose of using Tor— It makes sense that it would properly route the request to the hidden web.