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Nine cities were chosen from each region along with the corresponding Yahoo! The final weighted sample consisted of 2,064 daters.

The results of this study may be used as a foundation for future in-depth research.

Traditionally, in American society, it has been customary to marry within the same background, which is known as endogamy (Crohn, 1995).

According to Albert Gordon (1964), “[t]he breakdown of old forms and patterns of behavior, so characteristic of our day, and the consequent growth of individualism must certainly be regarded as a factor contributing to the increase in mixed marriages” (p. In the United States, dating people of other faiths is not as contentious as in the past.

Dating is essential for people because it is the first step leading to a long intimate relationship (Cherlin, 2005; Gordon, 1964; Markstrom-Adams, 1991; Prince, 1956).