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Cognitive distortions are a hallmark, and learned about in CBT. Dysregulation of neurotransmitter function in the brain is thought to play a key role in Social Phobia (SP).Specifically, dopamine (DA), serotonin (SE), and / or GABA dysfunction are hypothosized in most cases of SP. The MAOI antidepressant "phenelzine" such as atypical depression, dysthymia, attention deficit disorder (ADD), and alcoholism are common.

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Substantial improvement in the quality of life is within the reach of most all with untreated Social Phobia.

Current research is being done to promote earlier diagnosis and treatment (onset in the childhood or teenage years is common).

More recent studies have switched focus to the amygdala, where evidence of abnormality accumulates.

The amygdala is a core "primitive" part of the brain where many "automatic" animal type functions are regulated or controlled, such as fear and startle response, anxiety, sex, and aggression.

Good CBT therapists for SP are not easy to find in 2016.