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Here’s what we’re still working on: Of the excess CO2 that doesn’t stick around in the atmosphere — about 60 percent of it — exactly how much gets pulled into various so-called carbon sinks, such as the world’s oceans and forests, and where exactly the main sinks are located.

The Tarim Basin, seen in this August 2011 image taken by NASA's Terra satellite, lies in the westernmost part of China and is home to the Talikmakan Desert, the hottest, driest and biggest desert in the country. Credit: NASA It’s fairly well established that about 30 percent of atmospheric CO2 is pulled into the oceans, and it is thought that another 30 percent is sucked up by land-based ecosystems.

While this carbon burial process occurs naturally, the age of the carbon in the water told the researchers that the process picked up when farming began in the region, about 2,000 years ago.

About 12 times more carbon than previously thought could be flowing into the aquifers thanks to the influence of over-irrigation in the arid region (necessary to flush out the salts that can otherwise build up in the soil), they found.

“It could be an interesting piece of the picture; it’s not the picture,” Davis said.