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Defense lawyer David Wohl said Kuntz got into trouble for showing up at Geffen's homes after their short-term relationship ended.

Wohl said he thought Kuntz would have prevailed at trial, but had already been in jail more than three months because he couldn't afford the $150,000 bail and didn't want to spend more time awaiting his day in court.

And I guess I got bored and so I kissed my boyfriend and some of my teammates saw us.” After the game—just before a 15-hour bus ride back to North Dakota—NDSCS’s head football coach, Chuck Parsons, pulled Kuntz off the bus and confronted him.

Kuntz denied kissing the man with him in the press box and he denied being gay.

After the police determined that he was not a suicide risk, Kuntz sent his coach a text message saying that he was gay and that he had kissed the man who was with him in the press box. The next morning Kuntz’s coach called him for a meeting. Two days later he withdrew from school and now lives with his mom, who learned he was gay as the episode unfolded when Kuntz changed his Twitter profile from "football player" to "gay football player".