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He is so entertaining that I enjoy every second of him being on screen.

Yes I plan to get the Section "S"(I think that is the correct name) DVD's as well as honestly it's true they were better, the same "sniper" pistol is used over and over and over as a prop in this series due to budget, and the film isn't mega-HD (in fact I thought I bought a bootleg when first watching my copies) But I really don't care. I love it but I'm hella nostalgic, I love to put on the series and just to watch or maybe let it run while I do something else, who wants today's TV in the background making you depressed with how terrible everyone is to each other as that seems to be what makes you "interesting" nowadays's--how much of a jerk you can be to others.

After leaving Department S, Jason settled down to a full-time career of writing (trashy) Mark Caine novels.

He philandered his way around the world, doing research for his stories and tripping over a variety of odd--often verging on surreal--cases, usually involving beautiful women.

Mixing fantasy with a darker edge, the trio face ... After being thrown out of the agency for something he did not do, he finds his "false" reputation has preceded ...