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The deep inhalation releases the stress that causes pressure in our back muscles, thereby alleviating the obstacle to enhance growth of the body.

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It is said that after a certain age (on an average 16-18 years), your height stops to grow. While inhaling, lengthen your spine and stretch your hands above your head. Also know as the Triangle Pose, this asana helps in relieving tension as well.

So if you really desire to become tall, it is better to start from an early age. Some of us even wonder whether it is possible to increase height in the natural way even after we cross the actual age of growing. Yoga can do wonders to overall improve our posture and stature and make us tall or look tall.

With the correct yoga exercises, our muscles are properly toned and stretched and help us to look and feel tall. Push yourself up and rest only on your palms and feet. All yoga poses start form this asana and is said to be the centre position in yoga. This yoga asana helps in controlling our breathing and at the same time tone down our lower back and hips.

It provides energy to all our body parts and good for the overall health and well-being of the body. Touch the ground with your feet, knees, chest, including your forehead palms.

Human height depends on several factors like as genetic and non-genetic factors, including environmental factors and nutrition. While exhaling, return back to your original position. Your hands should be at a straight line with your shoulders. With the fingers of your right hand, touch the toes of your right leg.