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Trainees can easily access their courses via My ATMS through any web browser and run e Learning.

Once a course is complete based on your parameters, instructors can approve the course with just the click of a button, while at the same time automatically triggering a recurrent training date for each course.

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If your organization receives an audit, training records are typically requested regardless of the audit purpose.

If your organization trains an individual under a federal regulation, there is likely a required record of training to be maintained.

Or are plans for expanding your training delivery through e Learning becoming a more critical means to improving efficiency and convenience?

ATMS offers the flexibility of a built-in LMS to deliver existing e Learning courses, or convert Power Point presentations allowing them to run seamlessly through ATMS’ integrated LMS.

Maritime course instructors can also grade down to multiple task events for one course, designed with the understanding that flexibility is key in evaluation of your employees’ training results.