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The king, who was in great misery after seeing the loss of life caused by his waging wars to expand his empire, was struck by the peaceful countenance of such a young monk.

Meeting this young monk made a turning point in his life and he thereafter, renounced wars.

During this period it remained one of the most stable and durable centers of political power and urban life in South Asia.

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He was determined to spread the message of peace, to neutralize the effects from the damages caused by him through his warfare.

As a result, both his son and daughter were ordained as Buddha disciples, and became enlightened as Arahats.

It is believed that King Pandukabhaya made it his capital in the 4th century BC, and that he also laid out the town and its suburbs according to a well-organized plan. He established shrines for yakkhas such as Kalawela and Cittaraja.

He housed the Yaksini-Cetiya in the form of a mare within the royal precincts, and offerings were made to all these demi-gods every year.

Sri Lanka’s iconic landmark, the Galle Face Hotel, is situated in the heart of Colombo, along the seafront and facing the famous Galle Face Green.