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If she was gay herself at the time, there was no outward sign of it (although curiously, she refuses to tell me if she’d had gay relationships before she met Martina, and when I press the issue her PR says ‘this is not relevant’). She’d play tennis with them, do their homework with them and cook.

By the time she met Martina again, in a restaurant in Paris of all places, eight years had passed and Julia had had two daughters, Victoria, now 13, and Emma, eight, from two different (failed) relationships.‘I had a tray of food and I turned round and there was Martina. They call her Marti — a short, sweet version of Martina.’But inevitably, clarification had to come eventually.

I have no clue what was happening in her private life at this time and she refuses to enlighten me. What we do know is that some time around 1997 she became involved with the colourful and well-connected banker Edouard Stern, one of France’s richest men.

It has been rumoured that she moved in elite circles, once holidaying at the Tuscan holiday home of the Tory politician Lord Lambton. Julia's children lobbied - successfully - for Martina to propose to their mother and, in the future, they may be adopted by her.

The marriage in New York was seen very much as a public statement — as the proposal had been (Martina went down on one knee, on camera, during the U. But the question remains, given the amount of (emotional) baggage each woman has brought to the union, is there really any chance of long-term happiness?