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Makes Windows Media Center the laughing Stock compared to Linux alternatives such as Myth TV, or Video Disc Recorder (i.e. Of course the one thing all these formats share is a very high running costs.

When a small Android / Google TV Box with Kodi installed can pretty much do the same.

2) Rovi needs a valid zipcode, and this is important, that Rovi is providing data for 3) WMC needs to know where to get Rovi data Let’s solve issue 2 first. In the search menu keep entering cities till the drop down menu produces a provider that will work for you. Since Setup will not accept cities you still need to find a zipcode within that city that will work.

(I live in Atlanta and had to use a zipcode from 30 miles away 30601.) Enter that zipcode make certain that the website populates with data that is useful to you.

Or if needs be a full on Open ELEC install with TVHeadend.