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” “Alex and his team have helped me significantly with my approach anxiety, I’m alright in the conversation part however when I saw a girl I had massive anxiety and never approached so I needed help.

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Their support and feedback was appreciated greatly and I learned heaps from this.

The other students were doing well too and I exchanged numbers with them so I now have a regular wingman to hang out with after the workshop.” “I never got out much as I’m in a job that doesn’t involve much communication with the outside world.

I not only met a bunch of cool blokes who were the other students to hang out with after the workshop but I also learnt how to approach ANY woman I desire.

No more excuses, no more wimping out I just approach them and ‘tell them they’re beautiful’ and I could never do that before.

After using some of their conversation starters I noticed I was no longer feeling the anxiety before approaching and I started talking to every girl I saw which I never did or could do before.