Pinkclips single parent

Includes: Jamberry comes with two pink clips, two white clips, one translucent orange piece, and a pink one.

Pink Melon Description: A unicorn with a clear pink horn, clear pink legs, and a solid puce head and torso.

It's hair is white, fading into brown-tan, while it has thick slightly burnt marshmallows for hooves. These mini horses are perfect for any Lalaloopsy mini doll too!

She has a solid dark magenta torso and a clear dark purple mane and tail.

She wears a necklace, white tutu, and has a peppermint decoration clipped to one ear.

So far there have been four of these ponies released, Juggles (circus themed), Checkers (party themed), Snap Pea, and Slippers.

They are based on Peanut Big Top and Confetti Carnival.

Checkers wears very little clothing, relying on pink accessories instead. Half the size of the bigger horses, these ponies have a theme to them as well. Includes: Comes with purple brush and magenta hand fan.