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By Maureen Mc Donald ESSAYS & POETRYA Rescue Trip—Holly and Kit come home. By Brian Stauffer Team Building—An anxious dog learns to weave.

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Knight DEPARTMENTS[Masterwork] Pablo Picasso—Language takes form. By Susan Greenberg Fisher[Profile] Lily Tomlin—The legendary comedian stands up for animals. By Sophia Yin, Ph D, MS[Assistance] Two for the Road—Guide dog helps his partner navigate the course.

By Alysia Gray Painter[Media] Pixar’s Up—The new animated film is brimming with dogs. By Brad Crawford[Classics] Antiquity’s Working Dogs—Terracotta and marble guardians.

She has over 20 years of experience heading Administration and HR Departments…

Read more Born in Philippines, Glecy has over 14 years of experience in general administration, business development and client relations most of it in UAE.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Music Degree, majoring in classical guitar.