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For 1 in 4 Asian women, a typical morning routine involves the daily application of 16 beauty products to their face that average a total product cost of US9.

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How a woman chooses to engage with beauty content on digital platforms signals important transitional moments and beauty needs in her life.

On Instagram, Younger Millennial* beauty followers’ focus on bold styles like: On Instagram, Gen X* beauty followers’* conversations reveal a more holistic approach to beauty, including healthy eating and an appeal for more natural ingredients with: As conversations about beauty evolve over time, so does the core definition of the word.

Mobile devices unlock a thread of tailored information that beauty shoppers crave.

More than half reach first for their mobile device to see beauty-related content, as it is more convenient than any other channel for content.

Look at the hoo ha which involves Constance Wu speaking out about the white washing in Hollywood and speaking out on the casting of Matt Damon in the Great Wall movie.