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Clearly the present government in Sri Lanka is not keen on genuine reconciliation or even to allow the Sri Lankan Tamils to be rehabilitated, let alone start life as equal citizens in that country, which is reflected in the lack of adequate action even on a relatively mild UNHRC Resolution.

At this juncture, the ongoing 22nd session of the Human Rights Council is the most appropriate forum and occasion to mount further pressure on Sri Lanka to ensure that accountability is established under an international framework for the war crimes and genocide committed in the closing stages of the civil war and the ongoing gross human rights abuses.

This should include Sri Lanka providing a pragmatic political package to the Sri Lankan Tamils and restoring their equal rights of citizenship on par with the Sinhalese Community.

I request you to kindly immediately instruct Indian diplomats to strongly push for these independent amendments to strengthen the US backed Resolution in the 22nd Session of the UNHRC since the final draft is to be placed for consideration of the Council on 19th March, 2013.

In 2005, under Rajapakse, the peace was shattered, and the Sri Lankan Army (SLA) launched a violent, illegal “total war” on the Tamils. Victims of such wanton and perverted abuse are holding their breath to see what the UNHRC is going to do.