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The Day of the Dead evolved from Aztec rituals that honored departed loved ones, rulers and warriors.

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is a festival that begins at midnight on All Hallow's Eve - October 31 - and continues to November 2nd, All Souls Day.

Day of the Dead tattoos incorporate in permanent ink all the multicultural ritual elements, in striking images that memorialize loved ones or the belief in life after death. These range from the colorful candied skulls to the rather goth cadaverous all-black, and vary in significance.

Portrait skulls capture the face of a departed friend, celebrity or loved one with the attributes of a sugar skull enhancing the photo-realism.

The portraits are as lifelike as the honored person, wearing the iconic make-up used for Day of the Dead costumes and parades.

Earlier this year, she got one very tiny little dot inked on her middle finger, furthering the minimalist tattoo trend. DISRUPTION: He has succeeded as a young, black filmmaker in what is often criticized as an old, white industry.