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To disprove this, he was forced to appear on Joe Quirino’s TV show. The segment was taped but Joe Quirino introduced it as a live performance.

It had ten songs, six of which he composed, showcasing his compositional skills . Most of the songs are love songs, a popular style of music in the Philippines.

The single You're My Everything managed to climb to the music charts 1.

Corrales agreed, and he was paired with Elizabeth Ramsey who was at the time a total performer.

He was totally inspired by Elizabeth Ramsey who was partnered to him.

He was also the celluloid’s Batman (Fight Batman, Fight, 1973), the Shazam (Shazam, Boom, 1974), and the pinoy troubadour (Trubador, 1972). His star power dimmed when he suffered a rare form of vertigo during the late 70s due to non-stop song recording.