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Own everything, very independent laid back always on chill mode. I want to date you, know you, and possibly spend my life with you. I don't always wear makeup or dress super fancy, but that's just how I am. I've been bi since since I was 12 and been with a couple girls but not many.One day I feel like wearing a dress, the next I'd much rather bum around … It is knowing your soul for who it is, your intelligence, your dreams and heart.

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I do not fall for your job or your stress, I fall for who you are when the chips are down, no one is around and you go for greasy foods and ice cream. I'm an all around fun person who loves people and animals (mostly cats) I love arts and crafts and the color green! Im smart and gosh darn it...people like me...im an introvert. Want to meet someone who wants to be passionately involved with their best friend.

I love to be outside but also cuddled up on the couch at night. I value friendship to the upmost, it means the world to me. FUN AND LOVING GIRL WHO WILL RESPECT YOU TO THE MAX, I'M A REAL RIDE OR DIE TYPE OF CHICK, MAKE SURE HOME IS COMFORTABLE.... I LOVE MUSIC ESPECIALLY R&B AND OLD SCHOOL AND GOSPEL I LOVE GOD AND A VERY POSITIVE AND MOTIVATOR....

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