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And as a majorly manly bonus, they're taking John Legend with them!

The tour will tempt audiences starting June 16th in Baltimore and run all summer long through September.

Colorado is famous for its amazing ski slopes and snow conditions, but the outdoor action doesn't stop once summer arrives.

Some examples include: homemade pizza, pigs in blankets, shaved ice, banana splits and some good ol' mac n cheese!

More Summer Date Ideas: Food and Drink Trends This quirky Brit-flick was a hit at Sundance, where it earned comparisons to past-favorites like "Harold and Maude," "The Graduate," and "Rushmore." Newcomer Roberts plays Oliver, an oddball 15-year-old perpetually stuck in his own head who attempts to A) stop his mum from having an affair and B) lose his virginity to an equally strange, pyromaniac classmate named Jordana (Yasmin Paige).

“This is great third or fourth date if the man has been the one hosting the previous dates. Most areas have at least a minor league team within driving distance.