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A lot of information can be based on personal opinions and by people that genuinely believe that they ‘know’ because they were ‘told’.

So where as I can’t say the below info is ‘gospel’ I have researched to find what I believe to be ‘reliable’ sources of information.

This ensemble allows Turkmenler to create texture while having three possible lead instruments at his disposal.

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Famous Turkish Dancers Saliha Tekneci Like the famous stars of Cairo, many Turkish Oriental dancers were also film actresses.

Saliha Tekneci [Sa-lee-ha Tek-ne-jee] starred in several Turkish films in the 50’s before coming to America.

When the harems were abolished at the turn of the century, some of the dancers who sought new work began performing in European style theatre halls in Istanbul.

After the fall of the Ottoman Empire, Kemal Atatürk pushed to modernize the new Republic of Turkey.

She made one film here in 1964 (“Diary of a Bachelor”), and danced in the clubs in NYC.